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HOW TO USE Getme Ride
Follow these steps to book a ride:
1. Download the APP, setup your billing information
2. input your destinations
3. Confirm your pickup location and choose a vehicle option
4. Tap to get your ride

Once a Driver, selects your request, youll receive his info, along with his picture

• The Getme Ride service is available 24/7
• Get upfront pricing — no hiding costs
• Our main priority, is safety we validate all of our drivers
• You pay from the APP, no need to use your wallet

When to use Getme Ride
People take Getme Ride while traveling and away for business & Vacation, to go to and from the airport, social events, and bars and restaurants; and everywhere in between!

• Getme Economy: Our most affordable individual option that seats up to 4 riders
• Getme Midsize: Have more people in your group, this is for more 6 riders
• Getme Van: This would be a smart way to use if you have a alot of people and bagages or boxes
• Getme Lux: Arrive in style to and from your location
• Getme Tow: This option is something we have incase, your vehicle is disable and need a tow

Are you ready for your first ride with Getme Ride? Download the app now.

See if Getme Ride is available in your city:
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